Praise + Client Love

Client Love

Client Love

Lucy Liang, co-founder of Coachviva.com

“It’s a pleasure working with Stella! She helped me dig deep into my internal dialogue to expose key insights I never knew I needed to confront. For instance, one of my biggest insecurities was making decisions that disappointed my parents. Stella helped me realize that my anxiety over disappointing others stemmed from a lack of trust in myself! She helped me connect the dots between self-trust and fear and judgment, which really changed the way I approached decision-making now. It was easy to talk to her. Stella is very patient and really listens to each word. Even when I couldn’t articulate an answer, she helped nudge me in the right direction without imposing her own opinions onto me so that I am able to unearth these insights organically. Finally, she helped me discover the next action steps I can take so that I can start transforming immediately. I feel more in control & free with my decision-making now.”

– Lucy Liang, Co-Founder of Coachviva.com, Seattle, WA

“Before speaking with Stella Autumn, I wasn’t optimistic that speaking with an intuitive mindset coach could benefit me. Throughout the coaching session, Stella was always encouraging me to have an open mind and helped me to dig deep to figure out what I needed in order to help me with overcoming anxiety when having difficult conversations or confrontations. I never felt like I was being judged or told what I had to do. She asked probing questions that helped me bring out my truth of what I needed to do in order to overcome this obstacle. Stella and I came up with a few strategies of how to prepare myself for these difficult conversations and over the last few months I have been applying them to real life situations and I actually feel that I have built up my confidence. Now I feel as though I have the tools to approach a difficult conversation that can lead to a positive outcome.”

– Ariel Federico, Executive Assistant, Connecticut

Praise for Slay At Negotiation Video Workshop Series

“This would be a great course for anyone wanting to learn how to develop and sustain “negotiating confidence”. I have been running a private practice for over 15 years and have never felt more prepared to fully address and handle the obstacles I have faced for years around raising my rates with clients until I learned how to with, ‘Slay At Negotiations’. This course gave me everything I needed to effectively and courageously face my INTERNAL negotiations- which has been far more of a challenge for me than any one person or business experience. I learned how to successfully organize my thoughts, beliefs, and habits, then clearly define how to see the perspective of whom or what I’m negotiating with. With Stella’s teaching and course direction, I was then able to devise a clearly articulated, well-thought out plan on how to reach my end goals. I prefer the win-win approach in life, but didn’t realize that it can be just as powerful and still a positive outcome when you choose to walk away from a deal that doesn’t serve you!”

Jessie Mowry, Master UnTherapy Practitioner + Certified Life Coach, 
Jessie Mowry Counseling, Petaluma, CA

Praise for Queen Rising: 8 Secret Skills of Successful Women:

“I loved reading your 8 Secret Skills. I’ve been trying to get up the courage to set up a home studio so I can start doing voiceover work. I’m scared of spending the money. It’s not a huge amount, but I’m worried about making a bad investment. Your book reminded me that it’s an investment in myself and my future, and even if it doesn’t work out it’ll be OK and I’ll still learn something from the experience. Stalling is the worst option right now. I need to just get started.”

Steph P., from the UK

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