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What you dream, you can create.  What kind of life do you want for yourself?  (Pause for a second and think about that, we’re going to come back to it later.)

A vision board is a powerful tool to that provides clarity, focus, and inspiration to manifest your dreams into reality.  It’s a creative process where you can infuse the ethereal essence of your passion into visual symbolism that inspires your everyday actions.

Simply put a vision board is a collage of words and images that encapsulates your inspiration for your future.  Making a vision board serves for clarifying your goals and setting intentions, a creative process for the artistic symbolism of your dreams, and as a daily inspiration to manifest those dreams as you see it every day on your wall.


Where Your Attention Goes, Your Energy Flows: How a Vision Board Works


So how does a vision board make your dreams into reality?  It’s just an art project, right?

No, a vision board so much more than an art project!  The vision board is not the finished product, rather the life you manifest from the vision board is the finished product!

The vision board works a little something like this, according to vision board expert, Christine Kane: the images and messages you surround yourself with create thoughts and feelings, which turn into goals and plans, which in turn translate into projects and actions that then yield results, and those results reaffirm the thoughts and feelings you infused your vision board with.

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In short, where you put your focus is where you spend your energy, and where you spend your energy is where you manifest results.  By creating a vision board, you are surrounding yourself with images and messages of what you want in your life and who you want to be.  By using your vision board to inspire you, your life will start to reflect the images on your board.

So how do you make a vision board?  I’m glad you asked…


Let’s Get Creative: How To Create a Vision Board


There are really several kinds of vision boards you can make, but they all include the same supplies.

What You’ll Need: 

  • Poster board works the best and is available in various sizes and colors, but the backing of photo frames, stretched canvas, and construction paper work well too.
  • Scissors
  • Glue (I prefer glue sticks)
  • Magazines (get a variety for diverse imagery; too many of the same kinds of magazines can get a bit repetitive.)
  • Markers
  • Optional: Photos of yourself, glitter, stickers, and other scrapbook supplies


Setting the Mood

Whenever you start a vision board, or do any kind of intention setting activity, you want to put your heart and your mind in a place where you can be fully engaged in the activity.

For me, I start off with a clearing and quieting ritual. To clear out stale air and attitudes, I smudge the room with sage, or burn incense or essential oils.  I then sit down, light a candle, and take several deep breaths as I concentrate on the candle; clearing my mind and shifting my focus inwards.  As I meditate on the flame, I envision the dreams I have and the life I want to manifest.  I ask myself what I truly want and listen to what my heart answers – sometimes that message is in words, sometimes flashes of images and moments.  If I’m unclear on my vision, with an open mind I ask the Universe (or Highest Self, depending on your belief system) to guide me and once again listen to the answers.  After several minutes of contemplation, I feel centered and ready.

(Stella-Tip: choose essential oils or incense that correspond with the dreams you want to manifest.  For example, ginger, patchouli, or frankincense for abundance; rose, ylang-ylang, or jasmine for love; sandalwood, orange, or mint for joy.  If you’re unsure of what you want to manifest, you can burn rosemary, sage, eucalyptus, or pine for clarity.  You can also find candles with corresponding intentions as well.)

To finish setting the mood, grab a favorite beverage (wine, tea, coffee, or hot chocolate all work well) and throw on some music (some prefer a quieting meditative soundtrack, while others like a feel-good playlist of songs that inspire you or describe the life you want; it’s up to you – whatever feels right!)

Now that you have what you need and know how to set the mood, let’s talk about the 4 simple steps to making a vision board.


Step 1: Cut It Up

Go through your magazines and tear them apart!  Any images, words, sayings or quotes that resonate with you, cut them out and make a pile.  Don’t second guess or judge, even if it doesn’t make sense; if it hits a chord with you run with it.  I also suggest going on Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, or other websites where images, memes, and quotes are shared, and printing out ones you like.  If you want a specific word or quote but can’t find one that’s visually to your liking, open a Word document, type it out, and start playing around with fonts and colors, then print it.  You want to collect as many as you can so you have a plethora of images and words to choose from.  (It’s okay if you cut out too many – save whatever you don’t use for future vision boards!) Have fun and dream big!


Step 2: Lay It Out

Allow your intuition and creativity to guide you to your favorites images and words for this board.Here’s where you decide which kind of vision board you are going to make, and start going through the images and words you have collected and lay them out on the poster board. (No gluing yet!)  Allow your intuition and creativity to guide you to your favorites images and words for this board and put aside any that no longer feel right.  There is no right or wrong way to arrange the images and words, only what feels right to you.  You may arrange them to tell a story, or assign different themes to different parts of the board (relationships in one corner, career in another, etc.), or you may like a more random design.  You may choose to put a picture of you at the center, or what you feel to be the most powerful image or word theme.  Be creative!

As mentioned above, there are several types of vision boards and what images/words you choose and how you arrange the vision board will depend on what kind of board you are creating.

Remember that question I asked at the beginning of the article: What kind of life do you want for yourself?  Think about that now and in your clearing and quieting ritual.  The answer lets you know which kind of vision board you should make.


The Clear Vision

If you have a clear vision of the life you want to manifest, then the words and images you arrange should correspond to that vision.

Go through your magazine clippings and get specific!  Want a corner office with a view?  Find that image, not any old office photo.  Want to allow you inner child out more?  Find an old picture of yourself as a kid, or if you don’t have one handy, a picture of a kid that looks like you.  If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, try collaging a few images together.  For example, a picture of a house and a picture of a shoreline if you can’t find a beach house image.  The key with this vision board is to try to get it to be as close in line with your intentions as possible.


The Theme Board

Like the Clear Vision, this board is also good if you have specific dreams or intentions in mind that you want to manifest.  Perhaps you want to work on one area of your life, like family, career, relationship, spirituality, or self-care; or to bring about a particular state that you think you are lacking, such as joy, confidence, or love.  It can be done for a cyclical event, like New Year’s or your birthday to signal a new cycle.

When choosing the images and words for this board, you want to keep in mind your theme or intention and select ones that fit specifically to that theme.  When creating a vision board based on a yearly cycle, you want words or images that you want to manifest in that coming year.


The Open Mind Vision Board

Sometimes your vision is a bit fuzzy, or you don’t always know what you want.  Or you’re coming out of a trauma or depression and are unsure how to move forward.  That is okay!  With this board, your intuition will help you clarify it.

Go through your word and image clippings (tear through the magazines again if you have to) and select anything that brings you joy or feels right.  It doesn’t have to make sense, just go with it!  Maybe it’s a picture of drums, whatever, let it be.

As you arrange the images and words on the board, ask yourself “what does this mean to me?”  Does that image of drums mean you need to infuse your life with more music by listening to more tunes or seeing more bands live?  Does it mean you need to let your inner musician out?  Does it mean you want to be more persistent or passionate, like a drumbeat or heartbeat?  Does it remind you of an old friend?  (Confession: am friends with drummers) Does your spiritual side want to attend drum circles?  More often than not, if you ask yourself, the answer will come to you.

And even if you don’t know why, but you feel strongly about the image or word, put it on there anyway.  The answer will come to you in time.  Trust me on that.  Often, our subconscious knows of needs or desires that your conscious mind cannot articulate yet.  Trust your instincts.


Step 3: Glue, Baby, Glue!

Time to glue your beautifully arranged board together!  Feel free to add other creative touches: draw words or images in marker or paint, glitter it up, add stickers, or pin a web of string or ribbon.


Step 4: Give Your Vision Board a Home

You want to select a place for your vision board to live.  You can hang it on a wall or stand it on a bookcase or bureau (works well if you used a stretched canvas or picture frame that stands up on its own).  A home altar or a spot in your home where you meditate often are wonderful places for a vision board!  Wherever your vision board’s home is, it should be in a place where you can view it regularly.


BONUS: A Vision Journal

I love giving you ladies bonuses!  Extra ways to infuse your SoulFire into your daily lives.

Vision Journals are wonderful for working through a multitude of transitions, or if you want to work on a number of different aspects of your life.If you love making vision boards like me, vision journals are the bomb!  They are wonderful for working through a multitude of transitions, or if you want to work on a number of different aspects of your life.  I also think vision journals create a visually stunning medium for watching how your dreams change and develop as you grow and hit new milestones or have new experiences.

You follow the same steps as above, but instead of using posterboard, buy a large sketchbook.


Some Final Thoughts on Making Vision Boards

I cannot say enough how making a vision board is a personal, creative process.  There is no right or wrong, just what’s right for you.  Allow yourself to play and discover.

It’s okay to want things.  Really, it’s fine.  You don’t have to judge yourself on whether you “deserve” to have a good life.  You don’t need a reason to justify what you want.  If you want it, that’s good enough reason for it to go on your vision board.  [Caveat: if you want something unethical, you may need to do some soul searching – what you probably really want is healing.]

It’s okay if the initial idea you had for your vision board changes.  You might start out thinking you’re going to make one kind of board and by the end, you have a completely different one.  Making a vision board is a creative, fluid process and it has a way of revealing hidden parts of yourself to you.  Delight in the discoveries!


Know any other tips for creating vision boards?  Want to share pics of vision boards you made using this technique?  Comment below or on the SoulFire Tribe – Light It Up Facebook Group!  Share your knowledge and engage with other women!  Share this article with a friend and continue the conversation.


Get the 8 (SECRET) Skills of Successful Women!

In my FREE guide, Queen Rising, I give you the 8 SECRET skills successful women use to lead happy, balanced lives and define success on their own terms!

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