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Searching for a pathway into a deeper connection with yourself? Longing to develop a loving, healthy relationship with yourself and discover the love and courage within?  Itching to see yourself confidently in your true light? Craving the opportunity to discover, strengthen, and unleash your inner goddess?  Ready to live your best life authentically and unapologetically?


private retreat day


Level up and transform your life in VIP Style! Work 1:1 in-person with Stella Autumn in an intensive full day (8-hour) retreat immersed in a beautiful and tranquil setting. Based on the philosophy that sometimes you need to get outside of your everyday life to look at it objectively and make significant changes fast, we’ll choose a location that brings you into your center so that your inner work can be inspired by a place of power. In our work together, we’ll focus on one or several key goals you have that will massively boost your life to the next level.  You’ll experience powerful mindset shifts that will give you immense clarity into your higher self, what makes your heart sing, and how you can live the life that (as of yet) you have only dared to dream about.  We’ll do a deep dive into your psyche: clearing away all the emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, and old stories and throw open the doors into discovering your higher self, your inner goddess, the amazing woman who’s been inside all along.  We’ll explore your passions, dreams, hopes, and ambitions, kicking open the opportunity to creatively build a life rooted in your authenticity and integrity.  We’ll identify self-sabotaging behaviors and counteract them with new positive thoughts and behaviors that bring you more in line with your true self and achieving your goals.  We’ll work together to develop a practical and doable plan with action steps, and amp up your confidence to rock it as only you can! Jumpstart your journey into self-discovery and creating your best life in these power-up sessions designed to amplify your vibe.  It’s time to start shining like the diamond you are and make your dreams into your everyday life!

Soulfire Tribe coaching sessions are comprised of powerful conversations to create breakthroughs and mindset shifts, and also utilize mindfulness, meditation, journaling, CBT, NLP, basic hypnotherapy techniques, self-care/wellness, feminine and nature-based spirituality, energy work, manifestation and law of attraction/abundance, creativity and art, and right-brain activation techniques to make your mind the compassionate dedicated life manager to your heart’s desires.


How It Works


Chapter 1 – Building the Foundation!

After you enroll in a Private Retreat Day, you will receive a personalized comprehensive information packet aimed at identifying your desires, intentions, and key goal(s) that we will focus your retreat on, as well as uncovering your pain points, emotional blocks, inner wounding, limiting beliefs, old stories, and fears that have tripped you up thus far from living a joyous and abundant life guided by your magic.  This is a very important piece, as this will build the foundation and guide the rest of our work together.  This packet requires a sacred time investment.  It is essential that you dedicate yourself to being fully present and connected with your highest self, as these questions are meant to provoke honest, sincere, and passionate responses that will begin to stir the cauldron, awaken the goddess within, and prepare you to flow in your power.  It is natural to find the content in this packet alone will begin to strip away the blindfold into your own transformative process, and you may experience significant shifts and changes in your life before we even retreat together!  (Who doesn’t love that?!). Prior to our day together, you will also receive an information packet containing program details, logistics, and a personalized itinerary.

Chapter Two – Let’s Make Magic Together!

You will arrive at our selected destination the day before our Private Retreat Day.  I will put you up for a 2-night stay at a charming hotel or AirBnB, drenched in beauty and tranquility, that will evoke the peace of mind, clarity, inspiration, creativity, wonder, healing, and transformation that will flow into our work together.

Our Private Retreat Day will begin with a scrumptious breakfast to fuel our bodies and souls in preparation for the day ahead, and where we can spend some time getting to know a bit about each other.  We’ll start off the day easy, just two high vibe sisters hanging out, connecting over life, and good food.

The day will then be divided into 2 sessions of 3 hours each with a lunch in between and several short breaks during the sessions.

After breakfast, we’ll spend a brief amount of time on an overview of our day together and any clarifications/changes to your personalized itinerary or the stated goals from your comprehensive information packet.

Amp up your life like a VIP with a Private Retreat Day!

Then we’ll create our sacred space and dive right into the first intensive mindset empowerment session of the day.  Because each client’s journey is unique, I create personalized session experiences based on your particular goals and needs.  Thus each client’s sessions will look and flow differently, but typically this first session is focused on gaining clarity on your higher self and what makes your heart sing or beat wildly with passion, clearing away all the emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, and old stories, and throwing open the doors into discovering your inner goddess, the amazing woman who’s been inside all along.

Midway through our Retreat Day, we will break for an hour to enjoy a delicious and balanced lunch, enjoy some good conversation, and reset our minds for the rest of the day.

After lunch, we will dive back into our work together and begin the second intensive mindset empowerment session of the day.  With continued consideration that everyone’s journey is different, and the session experience can be adjusted, the second session typically picks up where the first one left off, and focuses on how to fully utilize your power and flow within your magic to manifest your dream life into reality.  We’ll explore your passions, dreams, hopes, and ambitions, kicking open the opportunity to creatively build a life rooted in your authenticity and integrity.  We’ll work together on strategic planning to ensure you are taking consistent action to meet (and exceed!) your key goals, identify self-sabotaging behaviors, and counteract them with new positive thoughts and behaviors that bring you more in line with your true self.

By the end of our Private Retreat Day together, you will have experienced mindset shifts that activate new thought patterns and behaviors aimed at fostering a healthy loving inner relationship and creating a life where you are living at your fullest potential, and you will have mapped out a practical and doable plan with action steps to succeed in your key goals.

Chapter 3 – Work It, Girl!

Your transformation journey continues after your Private Retreat Day as you put your plan in place and take consistent action towards your goals.  You show up, and the Universe will too.  You put your magic out there, and the Universe will multiply it with its infinite love. You work for your dreams, and your dreams will work for you.

Chapter 4 – Pop That Champagne!

We’ll have a 45-minute follow up call 2-3 weeks after your Private Retreat Day to connect and discuss how you are reveling in your results from our work together.  I can’t wait to hear all about your progress in your transformational journey, all the amazing changes in your life, and everything that has manifested and transpired since we retreated together!




Private Retreat Day Packages Include:

  • Accommodations for a 2-night stay at a beautiful hotel or AirBnB
  • An 8 hour intensive 1:1 mindset empowerment coaching session set in a tranquil, inspiring space
  • During our Retreat, delicious and balanced breakfast and lunch, and light snacks and beverages
  • A personalized plan with action steps for you to engage with
  • A 45-minute follow-up call 2-3 weeks after our Retreat Day

Please note, airfare and travel to/from our destination and private working space, as well as any additional days you wish to stay, are not included in the package and are your responsibility.

Due to the flexible nature of private retreat days, investment price can vary depending on destination chosen and time of year.  Book a Discovery Call and we can discuss possibilities and I will put together a personalized quote.


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After you schedule, I’ll email you an information packet in preparation for our call.  On the Discovery Call, we’ll get right into the struggle points in your life, what you really want instead, and how a Private Retreat Day can light you up on a journey of transformation.  If we are a good match, we’ll discuss logistics and details of the Private Retreat Day, and get your journey started!  (Even if you chose not to coach with me, I promise you’ll still leave the Discovery Call with some stellar insights and free resources to help you on your way.  It’s a win-win for you!)


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SoulFire Tribe facilitates meaningful life transformations by providing dedicated and compassionate empowerment mindset coaching through individual and group programs, 1:1 coaching, retreats, and workshops to creative, conscious, ambitious women who crave to live an authentic life unapologetically.

SoulFire Tribe provides a system that guides you through healing past trauma, falling in love with yourself and developing a healthy inner relationship, becoming an embodiment of the Divine Feminine, discovering your powerful inner magic, and harnessing it to gain confidence and clarity on your life purpose.

SoulFire Tribe supports you with creating goals and developing a practical plan with action steps to make your dreams become reality, and act as a supportive accountability partner, while welcoming you into a sisterhood of creative, badass, high vibe women supporting each other on life’s journey, living their best lives.

SoulFire Tribe’s approach blends the mystical and the practical – ancient wisdom philosophies with modern psychology – respects one’s intuition and the lessons provided by Nature.  Our approach encourages acknowledging, accepting, and learning to dance with our shadows –- accepting all the parts of ourselves in our integrity, learning to be, and to be a work-in-progress while working towards our highest ideals.   SoulFire Tribe’s coaching provides clients with a system, and a collection of tools and techniques, to embody the sacred divinity of female power and transforming one’s life into a creative artistic expression of one’s inner world.

SoulFire Tribe offers a labyrinth journey, a grail quest, for the modern woman into immense personal exploration, growth, and designing an authentic, creative, and joyful life defined by your own terms.


Join the Tribe? Work with me if...


Are we a good fit? Work with me if:
  • You know the struggle of feeling lost, not knowing who you are or what you want, but knowing that you are meant for a life better than what you are currently living.
  • You keep running into the same walls of emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviors that have prevented you from achieving important dreams, milestones, and life goals.
  • You feel frustrated seeing your life stuck in a holding pattern or on a plateau, but unsure on how to level up.  Your life feels more like a GPS recalculating routes rather than driving on the jet-set highway of freedom.
  • Your current chapter in your life story (and perhaps your last several chapters) have left you feeling unempowered and lost, even though you know you have so much potential within — if you could just get your sh*t together.
  • You know the feeling of struggling with the confidence of whether you deserve a good life (even though deep down inside you know you do).
  • You are a creative, conscious, ambitious, badass woman, who sees the sacredness in the Universe, herself, and others.
  • You understand what it feels like to know that the only thing stopping you from living your best life is YOU.
  • You are ready to discover the love and courage within and unleash your inner goddess. You want to live authentically, creatively, and unapologetically in your integrity.
  • You need help sorting out your passions and dreams to creatively weave together your life purpose, and want an accountability partner to keep you on track to achieve it.
  • Traditional western therapy does not appeal to you and/or has provided little lasting effects.  You know you have the resources within you to solve your issues, but you seek professional guidance and accountability support in a non-judgmental and compassionate space to aid you on your journey.
  • You are passionate and determined to become your best self and are open to discovering new ways to move past the painful obstacles that have been holding you back.  You are willing to have a beginner’s mind, a coachable/teachable attitude, and a sense of adventure (and humor)!
  • You are willing to confront, accept, and dance with your shadows.
  • You are dedicated to keeping your end goals in sight while allowing yourself to explore and revel in the journey of transformation.
  • You are ready and more than willing to do the deep inner work.  You understand there are no quick fixes and no shortcuts.  You must do the work and put in the effort to get your desired results.  This is your journey, no one else can walk it for you; this is your life, no else can live it for you.
  • You are driven towards creating lasting change and transformation into a healthy, loving relationship with yourself and manifesting a happy, balanced, and successful life defined by your own terms.
  • You are tenacious and committed to follow-through, willing to invest in your yourself and your transformation, and are financially sound.
  • You are passionate and unstoppable in your quest for exploration, growth, and transformation, and you will not give up on yourself.

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