I’m excited to be here and super stoked you’re here too!

The mission of SoulFire Tribe is to focus on everyday feminism that speaks to women (not at us!), giving a space and home for women to grow our inner SoulFire, to celebrate and revel in our womanhood, and to create a vibrant sisterhood to engage with.  Soulfire Tribe helps and supports women to become our best selves across the many dimensions of our lives, blaze in our own light, and raises awareness of today’s issues and solutions. SoulFire Tribe’s mission is to amplify the voices of women.  It support’s women’s perspective and wisdom, and gives a platform for women-owned and women-focused businesses.

I’m thrilled for us to be embarking on this journey together!


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Stella Autumn

Founder, Women's Empowerment Coach, + Writer/Blogger at SoulFire Tribe
* Queen * Rebel * Unicorn * Coach * Writer * Lawyer * Witch * Geek * Goth/Alt Chick * Poetess * Explorer * Artist * Hippie * Book Dragon * Ladyboss * Quirky, Curious, + Creative * // I empower women invested in personal and professional growth to discover the courage and creativity within themselves to lead happy, balanced, and successful lives defined by their own terms!

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