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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you craft a good Tarot question?

“To get the right answer, you have to ask the Oracle the right question.” So the wise old saying goes. It’s true in spirituality, therapy, and life. Crafting a good question is key to getting the most out of your reading.

Since the Tarot speaks to what is within our control — our thoughts, emotions, actions, habitual mindsets + behaviors, the dominant energies around a situation, and since the future can change by our free will, I find energy-based questions that speak to these areas are the most helpful.

For example, instead of “when will I meet ‘the one’?” or “will we get engaged?”, craft the question to ask, “How can I prepare myself to be in a healthy long-lasting relationship?”, “How can I attract a committed partner in my life?”, “What’s blocking my relationship from moving forward?”, or “What are the most important things I need to know to move our relationship to the next level?”

Or instead of “When will I get a promotion?”, craft the question to ask, “How can I invite more responsibility and abundance in my job/career?”

Questions like these allow you to gain the most information, clarity, and wisdom from a reading. While Tarot can answer yes/no questions or timing questions (“when will this or that happen?”), crafting the question as an energy-based question will give you a fuller picture of the situation.

Taking one of the examples above, it may be difficult for Tarot to give you a specific timeframe for when you and your partner will get engaged because that may depend on when you develop better communication skills within the relationship. Crafting the question in an energy-based form (“What’s blocking my relationship from moving forward?” or “What are the most important things I need to know to move our relationship to the next level?”) allows the cards to give a more well-rounded and balanced reading into the situation and how you can move forward to create the outcome you desire.

What kind of Tarot decks do you use? Do I get a choice of decks?

As part of your intuitive tarot experience, when you book an email or zoom reading, you will be given your choice of decks (completed on your booking form).

All Tarot decks used in my intuitive readings follow the Rider-Waite-Smith system, and I encourage you to choose the deck that you feel most connected to. There is no advantage to one deck over another, it is simply personal preference, so trust your intuition.

Tarot Deck Options: Choose Your Adventure

Gilded Tarot (Marchetti/Ellershaw) – This deck provides stunningly rich imagery to the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith cards, giving subtle emphasis to toying with the interplay of human and natural mechanisms, all while adding a dash of steampunk flair aesthetics.

Game of Thrones Tarot (Liz Dean) – Fans of the books + TV show will rejoice at how thoughtfully + meticulously this deck was created! Far from being a gimmick, the characters and scenes on each card were carefully selected to accurately follow the interpretations of the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith cards. Adding in the almost endless well of storytelling that is provided from the source material of the Game of Thrones canon, brings the opportunity to connect with these cards for even deeper layers of intuitive interpretations. Please note, for this reason, those who will get the most out of their reading with this deck are those who are familiar with either the Game of Thrones books and/or TV show.

What are your policies on cancellations and refunds?

Life happens sometimes, and I’ve mapped out the detours + exit ramps for you.

Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your email reading anytime prior to receiving your reading results back by giving written notice of your cancellation to stella@soulfiretribe.com. Given that I normally return email readings within 24-72 hours (or sooner) of the question being submitted, it is imperative you notify me ASAP of a cancellation.

Refund Policy: All email readings canceled by written notice prior to receiving the reading are also eligible for a full refund. Please include a refund request in your cancellation email.