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Stella Autumn

Ready to manifest a joyful, balanced, abundant, dynamic, beautiful life aligned with your passions + purpose without apology?

No more “struggling perfectionist + people pleaser” mentality.

No more inner mean girl voice telling you every day that you’re not “good enough”.

No more hamster balling in the spin cycle of negative.

No more exhausting yourself “faking it ’til you make it”.

Discover the amazing sacred goddess that lies within (your highest self) + experience the grace, strength, beauty + confidence that flows from living in your inner power.

Hey there, beautiful unicorn!

Take the first step to flow with your energy instead of shadowboxing against yourself to create a life that sparkles!

Living a life aligned in your path where you wake up every day feeling nurtured + loved — cocooned in a lifestyle that honors your passions, talents, values, wellness, + free, creative spirit — with a sense of adventure about the life you are intentionally creating + excited about what’s ahead is totally within your grasp, you magical unicorn.

Investing in an intuitive mindset coach (+ yourself!) is a serious decision.

It is self-care at its finest.

It is a commitment to giving yourself tools, support, and compassionate, dedicated 1:1 attention with one goal in mind:
blossoming into the real you + thriving in your best life with authenticity + integrity

It isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay.  Book your call below to see if investing in an intuitive mindset coach for your unique journey is the right choice for you.

Now is the perfect time to say yes to yourself + the Universe, stake your claim, and do the work necessary to enable creating a beautiful, joyful, balanced, abundant life aligned with your passions + purpose.  

Let’s have a coffee date that caffeinates your soul — Get ready to be inspired! 

Hey there, beautiful unicorn!
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Lucy Liang, co-founder of Coachviva.com

“It’s a pleasure working with Stella! She helped me dig deep into my internal dialogue to expose key insights I never knew I needed to confront. For instance, one of my biggest insecurities was making decisions that disappointed my parents. Stella helped me realize that my anxiety over disappointing others stemmed from a lack of trust in myself! She helped me connect the dots between self-trust and fear and judgment, which really changed the way I approached decision-making now. It was easy to talk to her. Stella is very patient and really listens to each word. Even when I couldn’t articulate an answer, she helped nudge me in the right direction without imposing her own opinions onto me so that I am able to unearth these insights organically. Finally, she helped me discover the next action steps I can take so that I can start transforming immediately. I feel more in control & free with my decision-making now.”

– Lucy Liang, Co-Founder of Coachviva.com, Seattle, WA

“Before speaking with Stella Autumn, I wasn’t optimistic that speaking with an intuitive mindset coach could benefit me. Throughout the coaching session, Stella was always encouraging me to have an open mind and helped me to dig deep to figure out what I needed in order to help me with overcoming anxiety when having difficult conversations or confrontations. I never felt like I was being judged or told what I had to do. She asked probing questions that helped me bring out my truth of what I needed to do in order to overcome this obstacle. Stella and I came up with a few strategies of how to prepare myself for these difficult conversations and over the last few months I have been applying them to real life situations and I actually feel that I have built up my confidence. Now I feel as though I have the tools to approach a difficult conversation that can lead to a positive outcome.”

– Ariel Federico, Executive Assistant, Connecticut

Hey there, beautiful unicorn!
Create a beautiful life you love!

Hey Love,

Here’s the tea: We are sacred creators.  We have the ability to create — not just things or careers or even adorable tiny humans…

We have the ability to create experiences. To create a life of intention.  A beautiful life of joy, balance, grace, abundance, gratitude, + love in line with our soul.

A life where we don’t “just get through” the day.  Instead, imagine a life where you enjoyed the adventure.
Where you feel tuned in, aligned, proud of the perfectly imperfect beauty of it all.

This is not for everyone.

Let's have a coffee date that caffeinates your soul!

I am looking for free-spirited, heart-centered, badass women on a journey of self-discovery + self-love who desire to tap into their power to confidently live their best life without apologies.  Women who are driven towards creating lasting change + transformation into becoming besties + having a deep, loving, healthy relationship with themselves and manifesting a joyful, balanced, + abundant life aligned with their passions + purpose.  Women who are ready + more than willing to do the deep inner work.

This is for you if:

Let's have a coffee date that caffeinates your soul!

*You are a free-spirited, heart-centered, badass woman on a journey of self-discovery + self-love who desires to tap into your power to confidently live your best life.

*You crave to create + manifest a life aligned with your passions + purpose, but you’re not sure where to start.

*You are striving to reconcile the different parts of yourself to achieve healing, balance, + joy.

*You need help sorting out your passions and dreams to creatively weave together your life purpose, and want an accountability partner to keep you on track to achieve it.

*You are ready to get “unstuck”, creating the space to allow your true self to shine + grow wildly in the direction of your dreams, and start living life with renewed passion.

*You crave crystal clear clarity on your life path, finally feeling sure you are on the right track, + feeling capable of conquering your goals because you will have a reliable system for goal setting + a doable action plan.

* You are willing to confront, accept, and dance with your shadows.

* You are dedicated to keeping your end goals in sight while allowing yourself to explore and revel in the journey of transformation.

If you are ready to become the real, beautiful, quirky, magical you — with authenticity + integrity, heal past traumas + limiting beliefs through epic self-love, + creatively weave together a beautiful, sparkling life aligned with your passions + purpose with more grace, less struggle (and definitely NO “fake it ’til you make it) — this call is for you.

What To Expect:

Let's have a coffee date that caffeinates your soul!

This is a 1:1 call (our virtual coffee date!) where we dig deep into any resistance keeping you stuck. This will also give you the opportunity to craft a very specific action plan tailored to your unique situation that will transform your life in the next 90 days. 

On the call (you’ll speak with me personally!), I will listen + assess your needs. We’ll talk all about you, your life, + how to get you from where you are to living aligned with your passions + purpose. Then, if what I do is a fit for your situation, you’ll receive an action plan to launch you into self-discovery — gaining real clarity on who you are — self-love + real healing from within, + how you can change the game so you can start living more aligned with your soul + ultimately create the joyful, balanced, dynamic, abundant life you were always meant to live.  

Let’s have a coffee date that caffeinates your soul — Get ready to be inspired! 

Why Do I Offer This?

Let's have a coffee date that caffeinates your soul!

I love this work! Helping women shine + creating lives that sparkle is my passion realized.

I use these life-changing tools every day, not only for my clients, but personally as well.

And I understand the desire for personalized support to transform your everyday life into what you want it to be.

We can discuss that at the end of the call and see if what we have is a good fit. If not, that’s fine too.

There is never any pressure on these calls. They are all about you and how to get you where you want to be.

You are absolutely worth it.

I’m enchanted to meet you!

Hey there, beautiful unicorn!

Let’s Chat : )

Stella Autumn, C.L.C, J.D.

Stella autumn

Stella Autumn is an intuitive mindset coach working out of the Seattle area.  When she’s not out immersing herself Seattle’s wealth of naturescapes and coffeeshops, she’s working with clients to activate their sacred inner power to create mindset +behavior shifts, create a life of intention, joy, balance, + abundance, and the experience of adventure in each day.  Stella is certified in Life + Personal Development Coaching (C.L.C.) and also holds a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University and a B.S. in Criminal Justice (magna cum laude) from the University of New Haven. Stella’s coaching methodology, The Soulfire System, takes a holistic approach blending the mystical and the practical – ancient wisdom + Eastern philosophies with modern Western psychology – respects one’s intuition + inner wisdom, the lessons provided by Nature, and promotes creative right-brained positive (solution-oriented) psychology to train your mind to be a compassionate + dedicated life manager to your heart’s desires, turning dreams of living a creative, joyful, balanced, abundant life that sparkles into a reality aligned with your passions + purpose.